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<title> The Twelve Caesars </title>
<h1> ”The Twelve Caesars” by Suetonius </h1>
<p> Seutonius (or Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus) was born circa A.D. 70
and died sometime after A.D. 130. He composed a history of the twelve
Caesars from Julius to Domitian (died A.D. 96). His work was a
significant contribution to the best-selling novel and television
series “I, Claudius.” Suetonius' work includes biographies of the
following Roman emperors: </p>
<li> Julius Caesar </li>
<li> Augustus </li>
<li> Tiberius </li>
<li> Gaius (Caligula) </li>
<li> Claudius </li>
<li> Nero </li>
<li> Galba </li>
<li> Otho </li>
<li> Vitellius </li>
<li> Vespasian </li>
<li> Titus </li>
<li> Domitian </li>
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The following is the second file, claudius.html :
<!DOCTYPE html><html>
<title> The Twelve Caesars: Claudius </title>
<h2> Claudius Becomes Emperor </h2>
<p> Claudius became Emperor at the age of 50. Fearing the attack of
Caligula's assassins, Claudius hid behind some curtains. After a guardsman
discovered him, Claudius dropped to the floor, and then found himself
declared Emperor. </p>
<h2> Claudius is Poisoned </h2>
<p> Most people think that Claudius was poisoned. Some think his wife
Agrippina poisoned a dish of mushrooms (his favorite food). His death
was revealed after arrangements had been made for her son, Nero, to
succeed as Emperor. </p>
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