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Chapter3.Introducing Java EE 7 - EJBs
In the previous chapter, you learned some basics about how to set up and deploy a Hello
World application on WildFly. In this chapter, we will go a little deeper and learn how to
create, deploy, and assemble Enterprise JavaBeans, which are at the heart of most Enter-
prise applications. Additionally, you will learn how to use Maven, a popular build tool,
which can ease the packaging process of our beans.
In more detail, here is what you will learn in this chapter:
• What changes are introduced by the new EJB 3.2 specification
• How to create a Java EE 7 Maven project
• How to develop a singleton EJB
• How to create stateless and stateful Enterprise JavaBeans
• How to add and manage schedulers and timers to your application
• How to make use of asynchronous APIs in an EJB project
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