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Advanced Eclipse deployment options
As it is, Eclipse has published a HelloWorld.war folder in JBOSS_HOME/stan-
dalone/deployments .
You might have noticed that Eclipse has also added a marker file named Hel-
loWorld.war.dodeploy . This step is necessary because, by default, exploded deploy-
ments in WildFly aren't automatically deployed. Autodeployment of the exploded content
is disabled by default because the deployment scanner could try to deploy the copied dir-
ectory partially, which would cause a lot of errors. The deployment of the exploded
archives can be manually triggered with a marker file named application.[jar/
war/ear].dodeploy .
Once the application is deployed, the application server replaces the .dodeploy mark-
er file with HelloWorld.war deployed, or with a HelloWorld.war.failed file,
should the deployment fail.
You can change the default deployment options by double-clicking on WildFly 8.0 (in the
Server tab), and selecting the Deployment tab as shown in the following screenshot:
In the Deployment tab, you can choose to deploy your application on a custom deploy
folder by checking the Use a custom deploy folder option and entering an appropriate
value into the corresponding textbox.
Please note that the custom deployment folder also needs to be defined in WildFly; check
the next section for more information about it.
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