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Installing the Eclipse environment
The development environment used in this topic is Eclipse, which is known by Java deve-
lopers worldwide, and it contains a huge set of plugins to expand its functionalities.
Besides this, Eclipse is the first IDE that is compatible with the new application server.
So, let's move to the download page of Eclipse, which is located at .
From here, download the latest Enterprise Edition (at the time of writing this topic, it is
Version 4.4 and is also known as Luna). The compressed package contains all the Java EE
plugins already installed. This is shown in the following screenshot:
Once you have unzipped the previously downloaded file, you will see a folder named ec-
lipse . In this folder, you will find the Eclipse application (a big blue dot). It is recom-
mended that you create a shortcut on the desktop to simplify the launching of Eclipse. Note
that, just as with WildFly, Eclipse does not have an installation process. Once you have un-
zipped the file, you are done!
Installing JBoss Tools
The next step will be installing the JBoss AS plugin that is a part of the suite of plugins
named JBoss Tools. Installing new plugins in Eclipse is pretty simple; just follow these
1. From the menu, navigate to Help | Install New Software .
2. Then, click on the Add button, where you will enter JBoss Tools' download URL
(along with a description),
ment/luna/ . This is shown in the following screenshot:
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