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We started an interactive shell session that can also use the command-line completion (by
pressing the Tab key) to match partly typed command names. No more searches are
needed to find the exact syntax of commands!
In the previous screenshot, we connected to the server using the connect command; it
uses the loopback server address and plugs into port 9990 by default.
The command-line interface is discussed in depth in Chapter 9 , Managing the Application
Server , which is all about server management interfaces; we will, however, get an initial
taste of its basic functionalities in the next sections to get you accustomed to this powerful
Stopping WildFly
The easiest way to stop WildFly is by sending an interrupt signal with Ctrl + C .
However, if your WildFly process was launched in the background or, rather, is running
on another machine, you can use the CLI interface to issue an immediate shutdown com-
[disconnected /] connect
Connected to localhost:9990
[standalone@localhost:9990 /] :shutdown
Locating the shutdown script
There is actually one more option to shut down the application server that is pretty useful,
if you need to shut down the server from within a script. This option consists of passing
the -- connect option to the admin shell, thereby switching off the interactive mode as
shown in the following command line:
jboss-cli.bat --connect command=:shutdown # Windows
./ --connect command=:shutdown # Unix /
Stopping WildFly on a remote machine
Shutting down the application server that is running on a remote machine is just a matter
of providing the server's remote address to the CLI, and for security reasons, a username
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