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An activity is the client part that makes the requests. Inspection is a server-side assertion.
It's also possible to filter some requests by additional specification of the Observer:
An Observer can, for example, filter HTTP addresses.
Let's take a look at something more concrete. Arquillian Warp also has some extensions.
Currently, all of them are HTTP oriented; however, it is possible to extend Warp to cover
non-HTTP use cases. The extensions add some special classes for testing:
• Spring MVC
Now we're going to look at the JAX-RS part. To do this, we will use the code from
Chapter 7 , Adding Web Services to Your Applications . We want to test our REST service.
First of all, we need to add all the standard Arquillian-related dependencies and the ar-
quillian.xml file. For the Warp itself, we will need the following dependency:
For the JAX-RS extension, we will need the following dependency:
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