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position: "box"
price: 10
quantity: 10
The second file contains:
Since we're executing a cleanup. Note that the names and values used here are the SQL
names, not the JPA names.
JPA allows you to use a second-level cache in order to improve the operations perform-
ance. With this, not all of the operations are instantly reflected on the database state. Dur-
ing the tests running, you might be interested in the @JpaCacheEviction annotation,
which makes a cache to evict after every test run. Each test is also wrapped in a separate
transaction so that it won't influence the execution of other tests
Of course, there are some dependencies you need to make this extension work. There are
exactly three of them as follows:
Arquillian in 1.1.4.Final version has a bug that passes all persistence tests even when they
should not. The 1.1.5.Final version works correctly.
A fully configured example project for this chapter is named ticket-agency-test-
ape .
The Arquillian Persistence Extension manual is available on GitHub at
arquillian/arquillian-extension-persistence .
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