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Persistence testing
Real challenges start when you have to include other systems in your testing process.
Troubles might be caused even by the necessity of testing interactions with a relational
database. In Chapter 5 , Combining Persistence with CDI , we introduced the JPA. Now it's
time to describe how you can test your interactions with it.
There are a few issues that have to be considered when testing database-related code:
• How to verify that data was really inserted to the database?
• How to maintain the database state between tests and how to automatically clean
Arquillian persistence extension allows you to test both these things. Before running a test,
you can seed your database from .xml , .xls , .yaml , .json , or custom SQL scripts.
It's done by just annotating the test case using the @UsingDataSet("path-to-
seeding-file") annotation. After the test execution, you can compare the database
state against another file, this time using the @ShouldMatchDataSet("path-to-
dataset") annotation. Let's look at an example:
public void shouldMakeACleanup() throws Exception {
// given
// from annotation
// when
// then
// from annotation
The seats.yml and expected-seats.xml files are just simple YAMLs placed in
/src/test/resources/datasets . The first file contains SeatType :
- description: test
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