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Arquillian tries to solve these problems. It is a platform that simplifies integration testing
for Java middleware. It deals with all the plumbing of container management, deploy-
ment, and framework initialization so that you can focus on the task of writing your
tests—real tests. Arquillian minimizes the burden on you—for the developer—by cover-
ing aspects surrounding test execution; some of these aspects are as follows:
• Managing the life cycle of the container (start/stop)
• Bundling the test class with the dependent classes and resources into a deployable
• Enhancing the test class (for example, resolving the @Inject , @EJB , and @Re-
source injections)
• Deploying the archive to test applications (deploy/undeploy), and capturing res-
ults and failures
Arquillian also has extensions that enhance its features, for example, allowing it to per-
form UI tests or some nonfunctional tests.
In the next section, we will discuss which instruments are required to run your integration
tests using Arquillian.
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