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public class TheatreBooker implements TheatreBooker {
Be careful! There is more than one SecurityDomain API available. You have to in-
clude org.jboss.ejb3.annotation.SecurityDomain . The @RolesAl-
lowed annotation, on the other hand, needs to import .
The JBoss-specific annotations can be found in the following maven dependency:
Annotations can also be applied at the method level; for example, if we want to secure just
the bookSeat object of the TheatreBookerBean class, we will tag the bookSeat
method as follows:
public String bookSeat(int seatId) throws
SeatBookedException {
What if you don't want to use annotations to establish security roles? For example, if you
have a security role that is used crosswise by all your EJB applications, perhaps it is sim-
pler to use a plain old XML configuration instead of tagging all EJBs with annotations. In
this scenario, you have to declare the security constraints first in the generic META-INF/
ejb-jar.xml file, shown as follows:
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