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Auditing administrative operations
WildFly introduces an audit-log feature that allows the administrators to track the configur-
ation changes made on the server. The feature is initially disabled but can be useful in some
scenarios, so let's take a short look at it.
The audit-log configuration consists of three parts:
Formatter : This formats the log output. By default, it's based on JSON.
Handler : This handles the output. By default, it is a file-based handler, but it is
possible to use a TCP or UDP to send the logs to a remote server.
Logger : This controls the login process.
Detailed configuration can be found in the official WildFly documentation at ht-
tps:// .
The audit log is disabled by default. To enable it, we must issue the following CLI com-
logger=audit-log:write-attribute(name=enabled, value=true)
Now you can try to do any administrative action using the web console (for instance, dis-
abling a data source). After this, you should find a trace of it in JBOSS_HOME/stan-
dalone/data/audit-log.log (along with information about switching the audit
logging on).
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