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Using the raw management API to manage
the application server
If you don't feel like learning a scripting language to manage the application server, you
can still use the raw management API from within your Java classes. Don't be influenced
by the fact that we left this option as the last one; in fact, using the native management API
is not difficult at all since it is based on very few classes and has little compile-time and
runtime dependencies on the WildFly API.
For this reason, you can use the management API as well from any Java EE application by
simply adding the following dependencies to the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file of your
Dependencies: org.jboss-as-controller-client,org.jboss.dmr
The core API named detyped management API is quite simple; the primary class is
org.jboss.dmr.ModelNode , which we already mentioned in the Jython section. A
ModelNode class is essentially just a wrapper around a value; the value is typically a ba-
sic JDK type that can be retrieved using the getType() method of ModelNode .
In addition to the jboss-dmr API, the other module that is used to connect to the man-
agement API is jboss-as-controller-client .
You don't need to download any of these libraries since both of these modules are included
in the application server since release 7.
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