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[standalone@localhost:9990 /] /core-service=platform-mbean/
"outcome" => "success","result" => {
"heap-memory-usage" => {"init" => 67108864L,"used"
=> 59572256L,"committed" => 170852352L,"max" => 477233152L},
"non-heap-memory-usage" => {
"init" => 24313856L,"used" =>
90491328L,"committed" => 90701824L,"max" => 369098752L},
"object-pending-finalization-count" => 0,"verbose"
=> false
Using just the get command of the ModelNode object, you can refer to the child re-
sources of the memory type and reach all the single attributes. Once you have got the at-
tributes, it's easy to cast them to an integer using the asInt() function of the
ModelNode object and use the cool Python constructs to alert your administrator.
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