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The JBoss messaging subsystem
JBoss AS has used different JMS implementations across its releases, such as JBoss MQ
and JBoss Messaging. Since JBoss AS 6.0, the default JMS provider is HornetQ ( ht-
tp:// ) , which provides a multiprotocol, embeddable, high-perform-
ant, and clusterable messaging system.
At its core, HornetQ is designed simply as a set of Plain Old Java Objects ( POJOs ) with
few dependencies on external JAR files. In fact, the only one JAR dependency is the Netty
library, which leverages the Java New Input-Output ( NIO ) API to build high-performance
network applications.
Because of its easily adaptable architecture, HornetQ can be embedded in your own project
or instantiated in any dependency injection framework such as JBossMicrocontainer,
Spring, or Google Guice.
In this topic, we will cover a scenario where HornetQ is integrated into the WildFly subsys-
tem as a module, as shown in the following diagram. This diagram depicts how the JCA
Adapter and the HornetQ server fit in the overall picture:
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