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// This is the root cause message
return errorMessage;
public List<SeatPosition> getPositions() {
return Arrays.asList(SeatPosition.values());
The TheatreSetupService class is expected to complete the following tasks:
1. At first, the TheatreSetupService class produces a SeatType object [1]
and exposes it to the JSF View layer using the @Named annotation.
This technique is a great addition provided by CDI since it removes the need to
create a boilerplate object, SeatType , to transport the information from the
view to the services. The SeatType object is produced by the controller and
will be populated by the JSF view and persisted by the TheatreSetupSer-
vice class.
2. It then drives user navigation between the application screens by returning to the
home page [4] .
3. We are done with the Java classes. You should now check to make sure that your
project structure matches the following screenshot:
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