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Rethinking your ticketing system
Once you have learned the basics of CDI, we will start re-engineering the ticket-booking
system using CDI Beans wherever necessary. We will turn it into a leaner application by
dropping a few items such as remote interfaces or asynchronous methods, which are not
needed in this example. By doing this, you will be able to focus just on the components that
are actually used in the web application.
Let's create a new Maven project, just as we did in the previous chapter:
1. From the File menu, go to New | Maven Project ; follow the wizard as we did pre-
viously (remember to check the Create a simple project option).
2. On the next screen, enter com.packtpub.wflydevelopment.chapter4
as Group Id , ticket-agency-cdi as Artifact Id , and set packaging to war :
3. Click on Finish . The Maven plugin for Eclipse will generate a project structure for
you that you know from the previous chapter.
4. The only difference is that besides the standard java (for Java classes) and re-
sources (for configuration files) folders, a new directory named webapp that
will host the web application views.
Adding the required dependencies
In order to compile and run the project, our Maven's pom.xml file will require the follow-
ing set of dependencies known from the previous chapter:
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