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Configuring the EJB project object module
Before digging into the code, first you need to configure Maven's pom.xml configuration
file further. This file is quite verbose, so we will illustrate just the core elements here that
are required to understand our example, leaving the full listing to the code example pack-
age of this topic.
The first thing we are going to add just after the properties section is a reference to Java EE
7 API, which is as follows:
This dependency will add all Java EE 7.0 APIs' definitions. Scope is set to be provided,
which means the dependency is available on the target environment (in our case, the applic-
ation server), and does not need to be included in the built archive. This dependency is uni-
versal, and should work with all Application Servers that are compatible with Java EE 7.0,
not only with WildFly.
We also want to add a second dependency, which is the JBoss logging API. Place this
definition in the same <dependencies> </dependencies> tags, for example, be-
low javaee-api , as follows:
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