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The web module : This archive can additionally contain web elements such as
servlets, static web files, REST endpoints, and so on. It is packed as a .war file
(web archive) file.
The resource adapter module : This archive contains files related to JCA con-
nectors (described in Chapter 6 , Developing Applications with JBoss JMS Pro-
vider ). It is packed as a .rar file.
The Enterprise archive : This archive aggregates multiple Java EE modules
(EJB, Web) with related descriptors. It is packed as a .ear file.
Here, we want to deploy only EJBs without any web elements, so let's set the packaging
to EJB (if it is not visible in the Eclipse drop-down menu, just manually type it) and click
on Finish .
Follow the same steps to add a second module with the name ticket-agency-ejb-
client and JAR packaging . This will be a simple client for services exposed in
ticket-agency-ejb .
Now, look at our parent project pom.xml . It should define two recently created modules,
which are as follows:
The expected outcome of these operations should match the following screenshot, which
has been taken from the Project Explorer view:
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