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Single-page Web Applications
A single-page web application is an application that, as the name suggests, runs on a single
web page in a browser. The idea is to create a seamless experience as users navigate around
the application and avoid the feeling that they are moving from one page to another. This
is frequently achieved by preloading data in the background. The data might be stored in a
back-end database and retrieved as JSON using Ajax, or it may be stored locally using the
Local Storage API. An MVC framework will often be used to ensure that the interface is
updated quickly. Many applications are now using the single-page web application model,
a good example of which is the Strike to-do list app.
App Development
Firefox OS is an ambitious project launched by the Mozilla Foundation that aims to create
an open-source mobile operating system solely using web technologies to create applica-
tions. [10] This means that JavaScript is the primary programming language used to write
the software for any Firefox OS devices. If you have an idea for a smartphone or tablet app,
you already have the tools needed to produce one. Just create your app using HTML, CSS,
and JavaScript and then test it using the Firefox OS simulator in a browser. You can then
submit your app to the Firefox Marketplace, where users of the operating system will be
able to install it on their devices.
If you want to develop an app for Firefox OS, a good place to start is by reading this “Fire-
fox OS Application Primer” by Preetish Panda, as well as the official documentation on the
Mozilla Developer Network.
Android and iOS don't use JavaScript as their native programming language; however, it's
still possible to build an application using HTML5 technologies and JavaScript and then
use a conversion tool such as CocoonJS, Cordova, or PhoneGap. These will convert an
HTML5 application into native code that can be run on the Android and iOS platforms. So
you can build using just HTML5 technologies and JavaScript, but then deploy on multiple
Node.js Development
JavaScript has been traditionally thought of as a front-end programming language used for
client-side programming in the browser. That all changed when Node.js was released and
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