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services make all the code public and so they are often used by open source projects to host
source code; others keep the code private, and are used to host personal or business pro-
As a ninja JavaScript developer, your life will be made much easier by integrating Git into
your everyday workflow. To get started with Git, a very useful mini book is Git Funda-
mentals , available on Learnable.
Keep Your Knowledge Up to Date
The world of JavaScript is fast-moving and, if anything, it's getting faster. You need to en-
sure that you keep up to date with recent developments and best practices. Here are some
suggestions of how you can keep your knowledge current:
• subscribe to blogs such as SitePoint's JavaScript channel
• write your own blog
• follow other JavaScript developers on Twitter
• attend conferences or local meetups
• read magazine articles
• contribute to an open-source project
• join a local or online user group
• sign up for the SitePoint newsletter, Versioning .
• read books on more advanced topics such as Functional JavaScript by Michael
Fogus and Human JavaScript by Henrik Joreteg
Use Common JavaScript Coding Patterns
A pattern is a piece of code that solves a common problem and represents best practice. In
the time that JavaScript has existed, a number of patterns have emerged that help to write
maintainable code that's proven to work. In JavaScript development, a pattern is the gener-
ally accepted way of achieving a specific goal, often because it's the best way of doing it.
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