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When a new instance of the the Turtle object is instantiated using the new operator, all
the properties and methods of the prototype will be added to the new instance. Since the
prototype is just an object, we can add new properties by assignment:
Turtle.prototype.weapon = "Hands";
<< "Hands"
We can also add a method to the prototype object in a similar way:
Turtle.prototype.attack = function(){
return + " hits you with his " + this.weapon;
<< function (){
return + " hits you with his " + this.weapon;
Now if we create a new Turtle instance, we can see that it inherits the weapon property
and attack() method from the Turtle.prototype object, as well as receiving the
name property and sayHi() method from from the constructor function:
var raph = new Turtle("Raphael");;
<< "Raphael"
<< "Hi dude, my name is Raphael"
raph.weapon; // inherited from the prototype
<< "Hands"
raph.attack() // inherited from the prototype
<< "Raphael hits you with his Hands"
Notice that there's a reference to in the prototype attack() method, and
when the instance calls the attack() method, it uses the instance's name property. This
is because this in the prototype object always refers to the instance that actually calls the
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