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Navigating the DOM Tree
Node objects have a number of properties and methods for navigating around the document
tree. Once you have a reference to an element, you can walk along the document tree to find
other nodes. Let's focus on a particular part of the document tree in our example. The rela-
tionship each node has with the bike node is shown in Figure 6.4 .
Figure 6.4. Navigating the DOM tree
The childNodes property is a list of all the nodes that are children of the node concerned.
The following example will return all the child nodes of the element with an id of sports :
var sports = document.getElementById('sports');
<< undefined
<< NodeList [ #text "
", <p.swim>, #text "
", <p#bike>, #text "
", <p>, #text "
" ]
Note that the childNodes property returns all the nodes that are children of an element.
This will include any text nodes and since whitespace is treated as a text node, there will
often be empty text nodes in this collection.
The children property only returns any element nodes that are children of that node, so
will ignore any text nodes. Note that this is only supported in Internet Explorer from version
9 onwards:
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