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As this is a node list, we can use the the index notation to find each individual paragraph in
the list:
swim = paragraphs[0];
<< <p class="swim">
bike = paragraphs[1];
<< <p id="bike">
run = paragraphs[2];
<< <p>
If there are no elements in the document with the given tag name, an empty node list is
document.getElementsByTagName() is supported by all major browsers and in
Internet Explorer from version 6 onwards.
Get Elements by Their Class Name
getElementsByClassName() will return a live node list of all elements that have the
class name that is supplied as an argument. For example, we can return a collection of all
elements with the class of 'swim' using the following:
<< HTMLCollection [ ]
There is only one element on the page that has the class name of swim , but a node list
(with a length of 1 ) will still be returned:
<< 1
Note that if there are no elements with the given class, an HTML collection is still returned,
but it will have a length of 0 :
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