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In this chapter we have learned the following:
• Objects are a collection of key-value pairs placed inside curly braces {}.
• Objects have properties that can be any JavaScript value. If it is a function then it is
known as a method.
• An object's properties and methods can be accessed using either dot notation or
square bracket notation.
• Objects are mutable, which means that their properties and methods can be changed
or removed.
• Objects can be used as parameters to functions, which allows arguments to be
entered in any order, or omitted.
• Nested objects can be created by placing objects inside objects.
• JSON is a portable data format that uses JavaScript object literals to exchange in-
• The Math object gives access to a number of mathematical constants.
• The Math object can be used to perform mathematical calculations.
• The Date object can be used to create date objects.
• Once you've created a Date object, you can use the getter methods to access in-
formation about that date.
• Once you've created a Date object, setter methods can be used to change informa-
tion about that date.
• The Regex object can be used to create regular expressions.
Now we've reached the end of the first part of the topic, which means that you should have
a good grasp of the JavaScript programming language basics. But JavaScript was originally
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