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RegExp Methods
Once you have created a regular expression object, you can use the test() to see if a
string (passed to the method as a parameter) matches the regular expression pattern. It re-
turns true if the pattern is in the string, and false if it isn't:
var pattern = /.*ing/;
<< undefined
pattern.test("joke"); //testing if the string ends in 'ing'
<< false
<< true
The exec() method works the same as the test() method, but instead of returning
true or false , it returns an array containing the first match found or null if there aren't
any matches:
pattern.exec("joke"); //testing if the string ends in 'ing'
Basic Regular Expressions
At the most basic level, a regular expression will just be a string of characters, so the fol-
lowing will match the string ' java ':
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