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Figure 4-44 . Complete the setup
Once you have installed ActivePerl , you see the folder “D:\Perl” (assuming you in-
stalled ActivePerl under “D:\”). This folder contains native binary distributions of
Perl for Windows. Next, let's see how you can get the parser.
Downloading Parser
You can download the Perl (mesh) parser from my Bitbucket account— ht-
tps:// . Click on the repository
“blender_obj_perl_parser_bitbucket”. Next, click the download link from the “repo-
stats” section, as shown in Figure 4-45 . This downloads the archive file
prateekmehta- . Now,
move this file in a folder of your choice, and then extract it. I extract it under “D:\”.
This creates the folder “D:\prateekmehta-
blender_obj_perl_parser_bitbucket-2cb343b9e1a5”, with contents as shown in Fig-
ure 4-46 .
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