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Figure 4-25 . Creating a face from vertices
Now, we look at a very interesting feature in the Edit mode. To do so, you get a better
view across this triangle ( Figure 4-26 ) by orbiting right.
Figure 4-26 . Orbiting right of the triangle
Note Orbit right by selecting the option View Navigation Or-
bit Right from the 3D View header. Recall that you can also middle-
click and drag to orbit around the object (by rotating the grid).
Using the “Extrude Region” command, we can extrude and move the current selec-
tion. By now, if you tried experimenting with lasso-select and mesh select-modes
( Vertex , Edge , and Face select), you should understand that current selection could
mean vertices, edges, faces, or objects. Extruding a triangle—like the triangle we
created ( Figure 4-25 )—into a 3D object, requires us to select a face. We select a face
by simply right-clicking on it (when in the Face select mode). By pressing the E key
(shortcut key for the “Extrude Region” command, Table 4-2 ) , we extrude this face
along its surface-normal, as shown in Figure 4-27 .
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