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Adding physical interfaces to the bridge
Now you have a Tor bridge running and you can stop here. If you do, you'd be missing out
on the ability to combine software with custom hardware on BBB. Our BBB Tor bridge
currently has no visual feedback, so it's not obvious that it's working. Also, the only means
to control the bridge is to log in to BBB over SSH and manipulate the configuration op-
tions. The Tor bridge is an appliance and it needs appliance controls. In this section, we'll
add a front panel, which will give us an easy method to control the bridge's bandwidth and
a quick indicator to know that the software hasn't crashed. In the following section, we'll
add the software to interface with our bridge and control the hardware.
If you decide to run a Tor relay, there are websites such as Tor atlas ( ht-
tps://atlas.torproject.org/ ) that will produce bandwidth graphs and display other information
about your relay. Another tool that will also display information about your bridge is Globe
( https://globe.torproject.org/ ) .
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