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The impact and benefits of running a Tor bridge
So, why run a Tor bridge on BBB? The impact and benefits of Tor is in the network. The
more the Tor servers, the more the resources in the network. Many users in developed na-
tions have high-speed Internet connections that are orders of magnitude faster than in coun-
tries where access to censor-free Internet is restricted. A bridge is likely to receive less
traffic than a relay, as there are fewer bridge users than normal Tor users. Most likely, the
limiting performance factor for your bridge will be your home network's upload speed.
This can be a constraining factor if you are running a relay, but as a bridge, you are most
likely helping those in precarious Internet situations and any donated bandwidth is appreci-
ated. Lastly, running a bridge on BBB has the extra advantage of a low impact on your
electric bill, as BBB will only draw about 460mA when loading a web page according to
the BeagleBone Black System Reference Manual.
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