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5.4 Thank You!
This is the second, extended edition of my topic in English. First, I'd like to
say thank you to my translator, Mr. Thomas Barkley. I think he did quite a job
on de-Germanizing this topic, especially breaking up my German tapeworm
sentences, thus making it readable to my English-speaking readers. And
another big “Thank You” goes to my copy editor, Mrs. Judy Flynn, for her
great work on “debugging” this topic. My thanks for the ongoing constructive
collaboration goes to all at Rocky Nook and dpunkt.verlag. I owe it to them
that the topic has been published in English.
Last not least, thank you to those developing GIMP, creating and offering
a free image editing program that is reliable, powerful, and yet fun to work
5.5 Further Reading on GIMP: References
The GIMP Documentation (the official user manual website) at http:// (HTML and online version, older versions available for
download in PDF format)
Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional, Second Edition by Akkana
Peck (Apress, 2009)
Grokking the GIMP by Carey Bunks (Pearson Education, 2000), http://gimp- (available for download in PDF format)
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