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In response to this, practical assistance is provided later on in this section for small man-
ufacturers striving to raise their game. It's targeted at those whose aim is adopting greater
use of 3D CAD and so reaping the significant benefits the technology has to offer.
3D CAD Engineering adds real value throughout the development and manufacturing pro-
cess. Examples include photorealistic rendering for illustrating concepts in areas like mar-
ket research and sales, as well as 3D modelling, analysis and simulation during detail
design. It also enables collaborative development projects with geographically dispersed
design teams.
Other production-related 3D CAD value-added activities include computer aided manufac-
turing (CAM), simulations to check tool paths before cutting metal, as well as the provision
of data for tooling suppliers. Additionally, it enables you to supply assembly information
during production, digital data for inspection, as well as outsourcing CAD data to your sup-
ply chain.
3D CAD also facilitates rapid prototyping, or 3D Printing (for tactile feedback) and can
supply clear instructions for quick maintenance, service, installation and recycling. Import-
antly, 3D CAD is pictorial and easy to understand in a way technical drawings simply are
not. This is crucial to help gain buy-in from senior managers and non-technical specialists,
like finance.
Larger customers (prime manufacturers and their tier 1 suppliers) are driving the
adoption of 3D CAD further down the supply chain. CAD and other data standards are
sometimes mandated as conditions of any contract. Using the same CAD data between
businesses has a number of advantages. These include the elimination of duplication, better
design integrity, less potential to introduce errors, higher quality and improved communic-
ation. All of these benefits contribute to shorter development and production cycles.
For the individual engineer, make no mistake, these are highly sought after skills employers
look for in CVs. If you can demonstrate you've used CAD whilst developing engineering
products, you're onto a winner. The names of the major CAD software vendors feature
as key words companies and technical recruitment agencies look for and sift applications
by. When combined with engineering experience, being proficient in one or two CAD
software packages could transform your employability.
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