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• Alternatively, outsource 2D-to-3D CAD data conversion to a third party supplier.
Generating and managing complicated 3D CAD assemblies
• Use training to understand the best way to go about this. Ask questions and find out
about hints, tips and best practices.
• Practice, practice, practice! Become proficient by increasing the complexity of the
CAD assemblies you produce. Constantly learn and capture knowledge as you pro-
• Tap into the knowledge and experience of CAD suppliers and support services, train-
ers, online communities etc.
• Set up a spare CAD laptop or old PC for your engineers to practice on. Load a stu-
dent edition or trial software, and access tutorials so employees can hone their skills
at lunchtime, or before or after work.
Managing CAD data, including revision control and incorporating this into your
existing data processing and procedures
• Take advice from your CAD supplier's support service.
• This will include Product Data Management (PDM) training and documenting the
processes that work for you.
• Plan how your new CAD data will be linked into your existing systems. Consider
factors like BOMs, materials lists, bought-out-parts and drawing registers etc.
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