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she described a completely different person from me, someone I had never seen before. she
said that she found us on Craigslist.com advertising iphone repairs, and that she responded
to the ad and spoke to a gentleman who agreed to meet her at a local coffee shop to perform
her needed repair.
she then followed up with a story that was almost too funny to believe. This gentleman an-
nounced himself as Ryan Arter from mission Repair, and said that he would typically meet
his customers at coffee shops to take care of their problems. I asked her if she was able to
obtain a business card from the gentleman. she did not have one. I also asked for a copy of
her receipt. she did not get one. I asked her if she had any documentation from this myster-
ious clone of myself, and she said that she happened to snap a picture of him while sitting
across from him after her repair was complete. I looked at the picture and I didn't recognize
the person whatsoever!
As it turns out, this guy was impersonating me and my business. The tragic part about the
story was that she was continuing to have a problem with her phone after the repair, which
is why she came into our location looking for me, and a resolution.
I was able to get her to realize that she had been lied to and that she gave her money to
someone I did not endorse or have an affiliation with. It was an amateur who was using my
good name and reputation to market and sell some kind of junk service from a booth at a
In the end, I felt so terrible for this customer that I took care of her issues as a kind gesture.
I was also able to give her a receipt, a warranty, a business card, and a coupon for her next
repair if ever needed. Why did I do all of that? Because I am a professional.
calls, then it might be time to hire a customer-service representative! Until then, be access-
ible to your customer if you want to offer professional services.
Competitive Price
Being price-competitive is necessary; however, this doesn't mean that a business needs to
offer the lowest price. Being competitive keeps everyone honest. If you can't be compet-
itive in the market on a certain product or service then you may decide that it's not the
product or service for you to provide.
There's an old adage that states, “You get what you pay for.” Professional services cost
more than nonprofessional ones. You may find that amateurs can undercut your prices and
garner some customers, but they will ultimately fail because they will not have the means
to support their customers in the future. Be competitive and keep your business trustworthy.
Quality Control
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