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er, that you've provided great service, but then some detail gets thrown into the works that
causes an issue between you and your customer. Truthfully, a successful business is one
that deals with customer-service issues correctly and capitalizes on good customer service
in the future.
My goal, when dealing with my customers, is to treat them as I would expect to be treated.
I don't want to be intimidated into making a purchase. I want to be greeted when I walk
into a business, and I love being called by my first name when I'm about to spend some
Unfortunately in the service industry there's a stigma that surrounds the “repairman” in any
industry—and customers can be wary. Have you ever taken your car to a mechanic and
found yourself thinking “OK, let's see what this is going to cost me” or worse, received an
estimate for parts that you didn't think needed to be replaced?
Try to remember that as a service provider you may experience some of these negative
reactions from your customers as you quote them prices and service their expensive elec-
tronics. You can combat this easily with good communication and good customer service.
Since you're going to be operating a legitimate, long-term computer repair business, it's in
your best interest to start with your very first sale and make it an amazing experience for
your customer. An amazing experience can simply be doing what you say you'll do.
Think about it. Do what you say you'll do.
If you take service orders and tell the customers “I'll call you tomorrow with an estimate,”
you will need to call those customers by the stated time or earlier. They will appreciate you
for it and they will trust you. In turn, they will be more willing to work with you, give you
their money, and come back in the future.
Remember how I said that I never really understood how repeat business would affect me?
Well, after several years of providing high-quality goods and services to my customers,
they told their friends about what an amazing business I had, and their friends started show-
ing up. Those people told other people. I realized that I was gathering more customers than
ever before, yet my marketing budget was not increasing. That's word-of-mouth advert-
ising working for you. While traditional marketing ideas can quickly drain your bank ac-
count, word-of-mouth advertising is free, and word-ofmouth advertising is spread because
you provided good service, you were trustworthy, and you did what you said you would
do, period.
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