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who doesn't want the next newest and greatest thing? Well, money usually stood in my
way of buying new, expensive electronics every month as they came out so I started a com-
puter repair business that catered to computer owners as well as anyone with a smartphone,
MP3 player, or tablet. The logic was that most gadgets today have a definite useful life,
and while having the newest and greatest device is fun and intriguing, it isn't financially
feasible for everyone. Instead, I found that customers needed a viable solution to keep their
not-yet-outdated devices operating correctly. My idea of starting a business to keep expens-
ive gadgets in operation while saving customers money was going to be the basis of a suc-
cessful business. I most certainly also have plans to expand into other areas of service as
well, as new technology emerges.
Technology has developed so drastically over the last twenty years that it's amazing to
think about how far we have come in such a short amount of time. In 1992 (that's over
twenty years ago), the first portable computer—better known now as a laptop—was inven-
ted, and it was called the “freedom machine.” The next year, the World Wide Web had only
130 accessible sites.
In 1994, the first blog was created. Over the next ten or so years, innumerable companies
such as hotels and airfare providers began advertising online. Google was first launched in
1998, with Wikipedia following soon after in 2000. The first iPod was released in 2001.
The first Wi-Fi hotspot was not created until 2003.
In the past ten years, so much new technology has been created that naming all the in-
novations could fill a whole topic. Flat-screen TVs, digital cameras, smartphones, Face-
book, DVDs, online gaming, hybrid cars, the Wii (and many other gaming platforms), and
eBay—to name just a few.
If these items don't interest you then maybe a computer repair business is not in your fu-
ture. However, with seemingly endless new technology appearing the world over on a con-
sistent basis, it's difficult for some of us not to get excited. The industry needs more com-
puter repair centers and yours might be the next success!
Computer Repair Is a Service Business
There's no question that a service business can be made or broken simply by bad customer
experiences. If doesn't matter if your business is the low-price leader, if your business has
the best website, or if you hit a home run and land a large customer. If your service is bad,
you won't stay in business.
The word “service” originates from the Latin word servitium, which means “condition of a
slave.” While you might think that you're a slave to your customers, you are not. But you
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