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More options for creating patterns
Even though Photoshop has of ered the ability to include patterns for a long time, options
beyond creating your own pattern and scaling the pattern were the limit. Now you can
take advantage of i lling with a pattern and applying a scripted i ll. Some of the scripted
i lls include Cross Weave, Random Fill, Spiral, and Symmetry Fill. You will i nd these
new Scripted Patterns in the Edit > Fill dialog box. Unfortunately, they are not in the
Adjustment layer option at this point, which means that you will need to scale the pattern
source before making the pattern. Follow the steps below to try out this new feature.
New Scripted Patterns have been added to the Fill dialog box.
Choose File > Browse in Bridge, locate and open the image called ps1404.psd. Since
you will only be using this image to create a pattern, there is no need to save it as a
work i le.
This i le is relatively small, but if you wanted to make a smaller pattern, you would
have to use Image > Image Size at this point to scale it.
Since you will choose the entire image for the pattern, you do not h a ve to make a
selection; typically, you would use the Rectangular Marquee tool (
) to dei ne the
area of an image that you want to dei ne as a pattern.
Choose Edit > Dei ne Pattern. The Pattern Name dialog box appears. Keep the
default pattern name, which is the i le name, and click OK.
Dei ne a pattern from the ps1404.psd image.
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