Graphics Programs Reference
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Lesson 10
What you'll learn in
this lesson:
Opening an image as a
Smart Object
Converting a layer to a
smart object
Placing and editing a
Smart Object
Replacing the contents of a
Smart Object layer
Getting Smart in Photoshop
Using Smart Objects adds more capabilities to Photoshop's non-
destructive workl ow. In the simplest form, you can use them to
retain an image's original information, even after a i lter has been
applied.You can also place graphics as Smart Objects, convert them
to Smart Objects right in Photoshop, and even combine Smart
Objects for greater l exibility and creativity.
Starting up
Smart Objects allow you to transform pixel-based layers in new ways: you can scale,
transform, and warp images without permanently destroying the original image data. In
addition, Smart Objects create a link to their source i les, which means that when you make
changes to the source i les, the Smart Objects are automatically updated with those changes.
Knowledge of Smart Objects will change the way you work with layers. In this lesson,
you will i nd out how to open new images as Smart Objects, in addition to how to
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