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With this basic source tree structure in place, let's move on to coding our working
application. Since the catalog portion of the application is the first one that a cus-
tomer views, let's concentrate our efforts there.
14.5 Configuring the web.xml
Setting up web.xml is pretty straightforward. We will set up our Struts ActionServlet
and some simple security to prevent direct access to the JSP pages (see listing 14.1).
Listing 14.1
ActionServlet configuration in web.xml
When setting up the ActionServlet to process requests, we do so with the <serv-
let> tag. The settings for the ActionServlet are plain-vanilla Struts—nothing
fancy. The ActionServlet specified in the <servlet-class> tag is the standard
ActionServlet . We provide a standard struts-config.xml location, a debug level
of 2, a detail level of 2, and a load-on-startup setting of 2.
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