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in the distributed application. This folder should not contain any test code, such
as unit tests.
All source will be contained within the org.apache.ibatis.jgamestore base pack-
age. Each package beneath the base package categorizes components of the appli-
The subpackages will be as follows:
domain —This package will contain DTO/POJO classes that are the transient
objects in the application. These objects will be passed among and used by
each of the other layers of the application.
persistence —This is where our data access interfaces and implementations
will reside along with the SQLMap XML files. The data access implementa-
tions will use the i BATIS SQLMap s API .
presentation —This package will contain our presentation beans. These
classes will contain properties and behaviors that are relevant to different
screens in the web application.
service —This package will contain the business logic. These coarse-grained
classes will be used to group together fine-grained calls to the persistence
The test directory will hold the entire unit-testing code. The package structure
will be identical to that of the src directory. Each of the packages will contain unit
tests that test the classes located in the sister packages of the src directory. There
are various reasons for this and most have to do with maintaining secure and test-
able code.
The web folder will contain all web-related artifacts such as JSP , images, Struts con-
fig files, and similar files.
The web folder structure is as follows:
JSP directories —The account, cart, catalog, common, and order directories
all contain JSP s for the relevant portion of the application. Their directory
names are pretty self-explanatory as to what the contained JSP s represent.
css —This directory contains the Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ). If you are not
familiar with CSS , you can find many resources on them using a quick web
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