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that are called are reduced in their complexity. Normally, you would need to have
a signature that receives an HttpServletRequest , an HttpServletResponse , an
ActionForm , and an ActionMapping . The Action execute method also requires that
you return an ActionForward . The BeanAction reduces all this by simply requiring
an empty signature with a String as a return value. Third, it is far easier to unit-test
a simple bean than it is to unit-test an ActionForm and an Action . Testing Struts
Action classes is thoroughly possible with the use of MockObject s and or Struts-
TestCase . However, it is quite a bit easier to test a simple bean. Finally, since the
BeanAction architecture works seamlessly with existing Struts applications, it allows
you to migrate your application architecture to a modern approach without destroy-
ing all of your previous hard work.
14.4 L aying the foundation
Now let's set up our development environment. We won't concentrate on specific
tools to use for the development of an i BATIS -enabled application, but we'd like
to take some time to provide a basic structure that has been useful for us. Organiz-
ing your source tree is an important part of writing good, clean, and simple code.
If you'd like, you can use the source in the i BATIS JGameStore application to fol-
low along with the rest of this chapter. We won't be able to cover all of the require-
ments we specified previously. However, if you examine the i BATIS JGameStore
application's source, you will be able to examine the code we did not cover and
understand what is going on.
Let's start by creating a base folder called jgamestore. This will be your project
folder and will contain your source tree. You can set this folder up in your favorite
IDE and name the project jgamestore, or you can simply do this manually from
the OS . Below the project folder create several folders: src, test, web, build, devlib,
and lib:
Let's take a close look at each of these folders.
The name src is short for source. The src folder will hold all Java source code and
any property or XML files that must exist on the classpath. These files will be used
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