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Expression language
Because the new Dynamic SQL tag set will be more general purpose, a simple
expression language is needed. The iBATIS team has decided to model the expres-
sion language after Java's J2EE Expression Language ( EL ). This will provide better
support for multiple conditional analyses in a single evaluation. The current
dynamic SQL tag set does not support boolean operations such as “and” and “or.”
With the combination of general-purpose tags and a powerful EL , it will be easier
to fulfill complex Dynamic SQL requirements.
8.7 Summary
Dynamic SQL in iBATIS is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. Taking care to
understand its place in developing your database interaction is important.
Remember to make simplicity your goal.
In this chapter, you saw how to write simple and more complex Dynamic SQL
using Java and PL/SQL code, and also how to accomplish the same thing in iBA-
TIS . While there are times when Dynamic SQL in iBATIS may not do exactly what
you want, given the alternatives it is a good way to perform the other 90 percent of
your queries.
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