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8.3 A complete simple example
Now that you have a basic knowledge of Dynamic SQL , let's implement a simple
search that is used throughout an application. For this example we'll use the
JGameStore application (see figure 8.2), to which you'll be more formally intro-
duced in chapter 14. While we build our example, we will be applying a simple
approach to help you conceptualize and assemble your Dynamic SQL .
Before we move into our example, let's examine the process we'll use. The
process itself is quite simple and the steps involved may be applied in a different
order and with varying degrees of effort as your application matures. Everything
starts out with a little more work up front because you have to build the founda-
tion. Once the foundation is laid, it becomes less complex to build upon.
Figure 8.2
Search results screen from JGameStore
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