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Table 8.6
Parameter tag attributes (continued)
This value is used to append to the tag's resulting body content. The append
value will not be appended if the tag's resulting body content is empty.
This attribute value defines whether the first nested content-producing tag will
have its prepend value removed.
All of the attributes in table 8.6 are available in the tags listed in table 8.7.
Table 8.7
Parameter tags
Determines whether a parameter object is present
Determines whether the parameter does not exist
Listing 8.6 shows how to use a parameter tag in a select statement.
Listing 8.6
Parameter tag example
<select id="getProducts" resultClass="Product">
SELECT * FROM Products
<isParameterPresent prepend="WHERE ">
<isNotEmpty property="productType">
</ isParameterPresent >
In this example, we create a simple select statement again, and this time we option-
ally create the WHERE for filtering the results based on the productType parameter.
The <iterate> tag
The <iterate> tag takes a property that is a Collection or array to produce repet-
itive portions of SQL from a set of values. The list is rendered by rendering the val-
ues of the list to a SQL fragment separated by the conjunction attribute's value.
The open attribute value is what is prefixed to the beginning of the rendered value
list. The close attribute is what is appended to the rendered value list. The tag
attributes are shown in table 8.8.
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