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package of the most important classes and interfaces
class Paths
The Paths class provides get methods to return concrete instances of the
Path interface.
class Files
Files is a class that provides static methods to query attributes of files and
directories (folders), as well as to manipulate the file system—e.g., creating
directories and changing file permissions. It also includes methods for opening
files, such as newBufferedReader .
The package
The package contains classes and interfaces supporting networked applications.
Most of these are outside the scope of this topic.
package of the most important classes
class URL
The URL class represents a Uniform Resource Locator. In other words, it provides
a way to describe the location of something on the Internet. In fact, it can also
be used to describe the location of something on a local file system. We have in-
cluded it here because classes from the and javax.swing packages
often use URL objects. Key methods are getContent , getFile , getHost ,
getPath , and openStream .
Other important packages
Other important packages are:
These are used extensively when writing graphical user interfaces (GUIs), and they contain
many useful classes that a GUI programmer should become familiar with.
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