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Teamwork tools
In this Appendix, we briefly describe the tools available to support teamwork.
BlueJ includes teamwork support tools based on a source-code-repository model. In this model, a
repository server is set up that is accessible over the Internet from the machines the users work on.
The server needs to be set up by an administrator. BlueJ supports both Subversion and CVS
Server setup
The setup of the repository server should normally be done by an experienced administra-
tor. Detailed instructions can be found on the topic CD in the document titled repository-
setup.pdf .
Enabling teamwork functionality
The teamwork tools are initially hidden in BlueJ. To show the tools, open the Preferences dialog
and, in the Miscellaneous tab, tick the Show teamwork controls box. The BlueJ interface then
contains three extra buttons ( Update , Commit , Status ) and an additional submenu titled Team in
the Tools menu.
Sharing a project
To create a shared project, one team member creates the project as a standard BlueJ project. The
project can then be shared by using the Share this Project function from the Team menu. When
this function is used, a copy of the project is placed into the central repository. The server name
and access details need to be specified in a dialog; ask your administrator (the one who set up
the repository) for the details to fill in here.
Using a shared project
Once a user has created a shared project in the repository, other team members can use this
project. To do this, select Checkout Project from the Team menu. This will place a copy of
the shared project from the central server into your local file system. You can then work on the
local copy.
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