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The Local variables area displays the values of local variables and parameters of the cur-
rently executing method or constructor. Local variables will appear in this area only once they
have been initialized, as it is only at that point that they come into existence within the virtual
A variable in any of these areas that is an object reference may be inspected by double-clicking on it.
The Call Sequence display
Figure F.5 shows the Call Sequence display, containing a sequence six methods deep. Methods
appear in the format Class.method in the sequence, irrespective of whether they are static
methods or instance methods. Constructors appear as Class.<init> in the sequence.
Figure F.5
A call sequence
The call sequence operates as a stack, with the method at the top of the sequence being the one
where the flow of execution currently lies. The variable display areas reflect the details of the
method or constructor currently highlighted in the call sequence. Selecting a different line of the
sequence will update the contents of the other display areas.
The Threads display
The Threads display area is beyond the scope of this topic and will not be discussed further.
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