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Following are some of the most common things people like to configure. Many more configu-
ration options can be found by reading the bluej.defs file.
Changing the interface language
You can change the interface language to one of several available languages. To do this, open
the bluej.defs file and find the line that reads
Change it to one of the other available languages. For example:
Comments in the file list all available languages. They include at least Afrikaans, Catalan,
Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, and Swedish.
Using local API documentation
You can use a local copy of the Java class library (API) documentation. That way, access to
the documentation is faster and you can use the documentation without being online. To do
this, copy the Java documentation file from the topic's CD (a zip file) and unzip it at a location
where you want to store the Java documentation. This will create a folder named jdk-7-api-doc .
Then open a web browser, and, using the Open File …. (or equivalent) function, open the file
index.html inside this folder. Once the API view is correctly displayed in the browser, copy the
URL (web address) from your browser's address field, open BlueJ, open the Preferences dialog,
go to the Miscellaneous tab, and paste the copied URL into the field labeled JDK documenta-
tion URL . Using the Java Class Libraries item from the Help menu should now open your local
Changing the new class templates
When you create a new class, the class's source is set to a default source text. This text is taken
from a template and can be changed to suit your preferences. Templates are stored in the folders
<bluej_home>/lib/<language>/templates/ and
where <bluej_home> is the BlueJ installation folder and <language> is your currently used
language setting (for example, english ).
Template files are pure text files and can be edited in any standard text editor.
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