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verb/noun Classes in a system roughly correspond to nouns in the system's description.
Methods correspond to verbs.
scenarios Scenarios (also known as “use cases”) can be used to get an understanding of the
interactions in a system.
prototyping Prototyping is the construction of a partially working system in which some
functions of the application are simulated. It serves to provide an understanding early in the
development process of how the system will work.
design pattern A design pattern is a description of a common computing problem and a
description of a small set of classes and their interaction structure that helps to solve that
Exercise 13.18 Assume that you have a school management system for your school. In it,
there is a class called Database (a fairly central class) that holds objects of type Student .
Each student has an address that is held in an Address object (i.e., each Student object
holds a reference to an Address object).
Now, from the Database class, you need to get access to a student's street, city, and zip
code. The Address class has accessor methods for these. For the design of the Student
class, you now have two choices:
Either you implement getStreet , getCity , and getZipCode methods in the Student
class—which just pass the method call on to the Address object and hand the result back—
or you implement a getAddress method in Student that returns the complete Address
object to the Database and lets the Database object call the Address object's methods
Which of these alternatives is better? Why? Make a class diagram for each situation and list
arguments either way.
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