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Code 10.3
Part of the Simulator
// import statements and class comment omitted
public class Simulator
// static variables omitted
// Lists of animals in the field.
private List<Rabbit> rabbits;
private List<Fox> foxes;
// The current state of the field.
private Field field;
// The current step of the simulation.
private int step;
// A graphical view of the simulation.
private SimulatorView view;
* Create a simulation field with the given size.
* @param depth Depth of the field.
* Must be greater than zero.
* @param width Width of the field.
* Must be greater than zero.
public Simulator( int depth, int width)
if (width <= 0 || depth <= 0) {
"The dimensions must be greater than zero." );
System.out.println( "Using default values." );
rabbits = new ArrayList<Rabbit>();
foxes = new ArrayList<Fox>();
field = new Field(depth, width);
// Create a view of the state of each location in the
// field.
view = new SimulatorView(depth, width);
view.setColor(Rabbit. class , Color.ORANGE);
view.setColor(Fox. class , Color.BLUE);
// Set up a valid starting point.
* Run the simulation from its current state for the
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