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if(currentRoom.westExit != null) {
System.out.print("west ");
Code duplication is usually a symptom of bad cohesion. The problem here has its roots in the
fact that both methods in question do two things: printWelcome prints the welcome message
and prints the information about the current location, while goRoom changes the current loca-
tion and then prints information about the (new) current location.
Both methods print information about the current location, but neither can call the other,
because they also do other things. This is bad design.
A better design would use a separate, more cohesive method whose sole task is to print the cur-
rent location information (Code 6.2). Both the printWelcome and goRoom methods can then
make calls to this method when they need to print this information. This way, writing the code
twice is avoided, and when we need to change it, we need to change it only once.
Code 6.2
Info as a separate
private void printLocationInfo()
System.out.println( "You are " + currentRoom.getDescription());
System.out.print( "Exits: " );
if (currentRoom.northExit != null ) {
System.out.print( "north " );
if (currentRoom.eastExit != null ) {
System.out.print( "east " );
if (currentRoom.southExit != null ) {
System.out.print( "south " );
if (currentRoom.westExit != null ) {
System.out.print( "west " );
Exercise 6.5 Implement and use a separate printLocationInfo method in your
project, as discussed in this section. Test your changes.
Making extensions
The zuul-bad project does work. We can execute it, and it correctly does everything that it was
intended to do. However, it is in some respects quite badly designed. A well-designed alterna-
tive would perform in the same way; we would not notice any difference just by executing the
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